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In this first segment of your annual review, we will take a look back at your production in 2016. This will lay the ground work for reflection and ultimately our planning for 2017. Let’s start with the basic issue first; your income:
Now that we have looked at the quantitative side of your business, let’s focus on the qualitative side; specifically your prospecting efforts.
Finally, let’s take a look at how you spent your time in 2015
Defining your progress in the categories above will help us dig deeper into the reasons for your success or the challenges you faced.
Vision Statement – Describe your high level business vision for Next year
Next year's Financial Goals
The first step toward developing your 12 month personal and business goals is to establish your 12 month financial goal (refer to your Brokerage Business Pipeline). This represents your net income from closed transactions during the 12 month period.
Client Orientation
Major Business Goal