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Local business shoutouts

Adam Brock :People keep talking about the bubble bursting in London. Do you think prices will continue to stay where they are and raise or do you think prices will go back down?

Rahim Lakhani: Define "bubble”

Jeremy McCall Can you explain how commercial leasing tends to work for anyone who is contemplating opening their own business for the first time? Standard pricing and leases and whatnot ?

Local news:


$66.2 million: Total cost
$9 mLllion: City contribution
1,600: Student capacity
115173SQ FT

• 1331 Hyde Park Rd.: The second and final phase of the Bieren Westfield subdivision by Kenmore Homes consists of 97 single detached lots on the south side of Coronation Drive, north of the Canadian Pacific Railway on the east side of Hyde Park Road.

• 1284 and 1388 Sunningdale Rd. W.: The first phase of the Fox Hollow North Kent Developments subdivision is for 69 single detached lots.

• 995 Fanshawe Park Rd. W.: The proposed 111 single detached lots by Landea Development Inc. will have access from the extension of Tokala Trail, Medway Park Drive and Silverfox Drive.

• 3493 Col. Talbot Rd.: The first phase of the Silverleaf subdivision is 108 single-family lots, on the south side of Pack Road, west of Col. Talbot Road. The site is approximately 40.5 hectares.

• 1355 Commissioners Rd. W.: Vil


Huron coast:


September 1, 2017
 892 homes exchanging hands. a slight decrease in homes sales activity. 

 "Overall, 2017 remains an incredible year for real estate across London and St. Thomas and we expect sales activity to stay fairly strong for the remainder of 2017."

The average sales price across London and St. Thomas was $326,122, down 1.4% from the previous month.

The average year-to-date sales price was $329,745 - up 18.2% from the 2016 average home price of $279,057.

St. Thomas saw a total of 63 homes sold, up 1.6% from the same time last year. 

The average home price in St. Thomas was $270,738, up 1.4% from the previous month.


A Strong Start for Real Estate in 2017

The London and St Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR) announced another milestone for residential sales across the region, with the best January results since LSTAR began tracking sales data in 1978. A total of 574 homes were sold in January, an increase of 26.2% over last January.

"We're off to a tremendous start this year with our best January ever," said Jim Smith, LSTAR 2017 President. "The trend of high demand and low supply continues, with January experiencing a 12.2% decrease in the number of listings compared to the previous year. Those thinking of selling may want to consider maximizing the current market conditions."

In January, a total of 434 detached homes were sold, an increase of 15.1 % over the previous year, while there were 140 condominium sales, up 79.5% from 2016. The average sales price was $285,418, up 0.5% from the previous month.

"We saw a huge boost in condominium sales, with almost double the number of units sold in 2017," Smith said. "It represents very robust activity happening in the condominium market, again with less listings available compared to 2016."

St. Thomas also had a very healthy January, with a total of 55 homes sold, up 139.1% from the same time last year. The average home price in St. Thomas was $192,474, down 28.1% from the previous month.

** source:

#ASKTHECLOSERS Episode 19: Dad's unite, Mortgage Rules that could cost you and more!

In this episode we go in depth and cover some stats in our marketplace, a support Club for Dad's and two key things you need to know about the mortgage rule changes that are here!! Full stats below. Please feel free to subscribe/share and let us know what we can do on the next episode to bring you more value!!

What is Dad Club?:

If you sold property in 2016 make sure you look at this!:

LSTAR Stats:

October 3, 2016

866 homes sold in September 2016 with a break down of 716 detached homes and 150 condos, showing 3.1% over last September and the best September since the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR) began systematically tracking sales back in 1978. "2016 has been a year of breaking records," says Stacey Evoy, LSTAR President. "Not only has this past month been the best September ever, we’ve also had record breaking months of April, June and August.”

Listings were down 15.5% in September, while inventory – as represented by the number of active listings at month end -- was down 31.7%. "Demand remains high and supply low," says Evoy."That means that this Fall Market is a great time to list."

Sixty seven homes sold in St. Thomas in September, ten fewer than in September 2015. Evoy cautions, “You have to bear in mind that last year was the best September for St. Thomas since 2007, when we started breaking out the St. Thomas statistics from the rest of the London Census Metropolitan Area.” The ten year average for the month of September in St. Thomas stands at 60. The average price for a home in St. Thomas Year-to-Date stands at $224,233, up 3.4%.

Within LSTAR's jurisdiction, once again the style of house leading the way was the two-storey, then the bungalow, followed by ranches, then townhouse condominiums, then high rise apartment condos. The average price for a detached home Year-to-Date stood at $296,283, up 5%, while the average price for a condo over the same period stood at $201,061, up 5.9%. The average price of all homes sold through LSTAR's MLS® Year-to-Date stood at $278,311, up 5.2%.

** source:

#AsktheClosers - Episode 16- MULTIPLE OFFERS ATTACK!!! Market update

Just a quick state of affairs for the Real Estate Market for April 2016. A lot of people don't know that our graet board covers a very large area*, including but not limited to; London Ontario, Grand bend, Bayfield, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Port Stanley, St.Thomas and surrounding area. (* There are istings from other boards in these areas, our stats reflect that of ur boards listings.)

We also dive into offer strategy when dealing with multiples and a book recommendation to cap it off. Hope you enjoy it and always happy to hear feedback!

#AskTheClosers Episode 15- Market Update January 2016 + a tenant had to pay double for a repair!

Welcome to Episode 15 of #askTheClosers ! New year, new format! We'll be asking the community what matters to them most and going deeper in answering everyones questions. Still happy to provide you all of the latest stat's on our market and any other information you might find relevant! We're truly blessed to be part of such a great community and we want to be of service to you guys. 

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January 4, 2016

2015 proved to be not only the best year for real estate in the jurisdiction of the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® since 2007, but also the second best year in the history of the Association overall. 9,366 area homes exchanged hands over the course of last year, just 59 units short of the 2007 total of 9,425. "The global financial meltdown that led to the collapse of the U.S. housing market back in 2008 negatively impacted Canadian markets as well," says Carl Vandergoot, LSTAR's 2015 President. "Eight long years later, we're pretty much back on track."

A total of 7,563 detached homes sold in 2015, up 9.2% over the previous year, while condo sales, at 1,803 were up 13%. Overall, sales were up 9.9% over 2014.

16,590 homes were listed in 2015, up a marginal 0.6%. Active Listings End of Period – or inventory – were down 14.0%. "We remain in a balanced market," says Vandergoot, "but, given the relatively low supply, now would be a good time for anyone thinking about listing their home to get in the game."

2015 was also a great year for real estate in St. Thomas, with sales totaling 830. Only 2007 was a better year for London’s Sister City and that by only 31 units. The average price of a home in St. Thomas in 2015 stands at $216,800 up 8.5%.

The best-selling house style in LSTAR's jurisdiction for December 2015 was the two-storey, then the bungalow, followed by ranches, then townhouse condominiums, then high rise apartment condos. The average price for a detached home in 2015 stood at $282,229, up 4.3 %, while the average price for a condo over the same period stood at $189,798, up 3.8 %. The average price of all homes sold through LSTAR’s MLS® stood at $264,435, up 4.1%.


Real Estate Market Update December 2015

Why London Ontario is a Great Place to Invest

Published on Dec 1, 2015

We love London Ontario, and when we're speaking to investors we find showing photos and Google Maps just doesn't cut it. This video was made to showcase some of the investment options available in our city and some of the things that make London such a dynamic city to invest in.

Real Estate Market Update March 1st 2015 + a story about a buyer losing their deposit on a $2 Million dollar home

Just our monthly update outlining the latest Real Estate Sales Statistics. The numbers reflect sales in the London Ontario, St.Thomas jurisdiction, which covers Lake Huron to Elgin and reaches East and West. 

Sales states have been record breaking for the last 8 months and this is the first month that we didn't set record numbers. That said, 535 homes sold, beating the average average for past decade of 489. 

Listings up 6.2 
Inventory down 1.3(active listings at end of period)

We are currently in a Balanced market .

The average price of a home is $248,056. 

Full stats below. 

March 2, 2015

Despite record-breaking cold, a total of 535 homes sold in February. "Given that the average number of February sales over the past decade stands at 489, I think it's fair to describe February 2015 as a good, solid month for home sales," says Carl Vandergoot, President of the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS®. He cautions against comparing February 2015's activity with that of February 2014. "It wasn't a typical year. The Polar Vortex had home sales in a deep freeze lockdown in January and February 2014. Comparing the two month-over-month would not only be counterproductive, but it would also give a false impression."

Also up for February were listings by 6.2% - while inventory - active listings end of period – was down a marginal 1.3%. The market continues to be a balanced one.

February 2015 was also a good month for London's Sister City of St. Thomas. "Fifty four homes sold last month, making it the best February on record for St. Thomas since 2007," says Vandergoot. The average price of a home in St. Thomas Year to Date stands at $203,008, up 1.6%."

The average price of a home in the Association's entire jurisdiction, which includes Middlesex and Elgin Counties, stands at $248,056 Year-to-Date, down 2.4%. “This is an average price, rather than a median,” explains Vandergoot. "The figure will fluctuate based on what is sold at what price in any given month.

The best-selling house style in LSTAR's jurisdiction for February 2015 was the two-storey, then the bungalow, followed by ranches, then townhouse condominiums, then high rise apartment condos.

House Style/Units Sold/Average Price
2 storey-127-$331,566
Bungalow    -92-avg-$204,146
Townhouse-38    -avg-$155,442
High rise apt. condo- 27-avg-$154,267

* Average Price Year to Date for February 2015

**sourced from

How MLS feed can work: Sometimes, you really are just a number

How MLS feed can work: Sometimes, you really are just a number

Ever heard of a referral website? It’s a website that curates lists of professionals with testimonials and such. It then let’s people pick and choose from those lists, i.e if they needed a plumber or something of the like. What a lot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes these sites, the business model is getting paid referrals for successful completion of a connection. A referral. A company’s is in business to make money so it makes sense.

A couple years ago some people noticed this business model and jumped all over it, created website that did the same for real estate. The caveat being that they had access one amazing tool called the IDX Feed to give them an edge.

When we list your property a few things happen. Prior to our meeting we do a ton of due diligence. We pull sales history, property records, verify zoning, run CMA’s, some other super secret Real Estate analysis and often, we do drive by’s to see your property and the others that have sold in your neighbourhood. Then we come for the preliminary consultation where we get a tour of your home, review it against our preliminary data and have an open discussion about the sales process and likely market value of your home. Then, once you’ve fallen in love with our sales systems and are totally see why were the right team for the job, we sign the listing + data paperwork. This paperwork is submitted to the board and the property hits the local MLS(there are different boards-which we will cover in another post.) The MLS feeds the property to the IDX which is a pipeline that feeds sites like Well a couple years ago CREA decided to open up the IDX so agents and brokerages couple publish the feed. The main difference is the IDX feed is live data, where as is delayed by a couple days.

Sites and brokerages started popping up with the business model that they would use lead capture(landing pages, sites where you can search for properties etc..) by forcing you to input your email to view properties. They then take your info and sell it back to the Realtors, who did all the hard work in the first place to get it on the IDX. Their end game being a 25–35% referral for a successful transaction. Again, they’re in it to make money so makes sense right? The problem we see is that these sites are really good at marketing. That what they do. They’re great at telling you how they’ve spent hours vetting the agents that they refer to you, and that they only work with top producers. They rave about the customer care you’ll receive from their end. Then, they call a agents in the local marketplace, ask them a few questions about their productivity, make sure they agree to the referral and voila- you now have someone your barely know, with no concept of their qualification representing you in the sale or purchase of the largest investment of your life.

We’ll let you decide if you think this is a deceptive business practice. Our business is 95% referral, and our clients are some of the most educated, loyal and hardworking people we know. They’re simply looking for the same loyalty in return, and we’re happy to give it to them. To quote last weeks episode of Suits when it comes to loyalty- “If we’re asking for it, you’re getting it”.

We simply wanted to take a second to break down how the system works.

We list it-> it’s in the pipeline-> lead capture sites tap into the pipeline-> you enter your email to lead capture-> they try and sell you as a lead back to us. There’s all kinds of businesses out there, and the great thing about a free market is there’s room for us all. Some agents base their business off this and to be honest there tons of great ones that do. We just feel there’s a massive lack of transparency in our industry. Watch us change that.

Let us know what you think of the model, and feel free to comment or ask any questions at all!

If you like this content please click below and recommend it and/or share it! It’s a small gesture but would mean the world to us, and provide more jet-fuel to keep pumping out the content!

MARKET UPDATE- September 2014

London-St. Thomas home sales since May and change from same month in 2013:

May 988 +5.0%

June 981 +23.4%

July 980 +24.4%

August 791 +13.5%

Sept. 682 +11.0%

Year to date 6,778 +7.4%

ReThink - The London(Ontario) Plan

Take a moment of your time to check out this brilliant recap of the London Plan. Fantastic job from everybody involved at ReThink London. We for one will be sure to take the time  to review ever aspect of it in detail and do our part to move London in a progressive direction. We love the variety this city offers, in people, businesses and opportunity, and wanted to personally thank everybody involved in this project for their efforts. 

Protect yourself from unsolicited calls

Most people trust their Realtor¨® to guide them through the listings process and as such sometimes do not understand the implications of the clause 11 Use and Distribution of Information of the Listing Agreement.

 Simply put this clause states that once the listing has expired the seller either allows or does not allow Realtors® to contact them to pitch their services.  We recently received and email from our board LSTAR indicating that some registrants are not complying with the clause and sellers have been issuing a number of complaints.

For those not in the business let us put it this way- DO NOT CONSENT to allow people to call you upon expiry of your contract. It put's you in a position where hundreds if not more Realtors® have the ability to contact you and pitch their services. The reason we feel so strongly about this is from our perspective business is earned. Simply hitting the numbers and  calling expired listings that have opted to NOT consent hoping to land a listing is a sign of desperation. The best Realtors® out there earn their business day in and day our through hard work and a strong business model. Having a code of ethics and standing by it is imperative in todays fast changing market and a direct reflection of your Realtors® discipline.  Find someone or a team that espouses the right virtues and you'll find long lasting partners in Real Estate rather than just the flavour of the week. 


More Bylaw Changes Looming


City Planner are looking at possibly changing yet another bylaw in London to ban Granny Flat's in North London.  Planner Eric Lalande states that in the long run the by-law change would make it easier for people to build granny flats as "“If it’s a legal granny flat, then it would remain legal. If it is not conforming or an illegal granny flat, then it would have to comply with the new policies.”

Seems to us like the general consensus among people is why change something that isn't broken? It would be understandable if the flats were causing undue harm to the neighbourhoods or impacted our city on a social or economic level but that doesn't seem to be the case. Coun. Sandy White is looking to defer the proposed change until Tuesday.  

"What’s a granny flat?

  • Part of a house turned into a self-­contained unit that houses one or two people, typically in a basement or attic
  • Often used for aging parents, a young adult in the family or nannies.

Among proposed rules

  • Banned in a large swath of north London.
  • Allowed in single detached and semi-detached dwellings and townhouses.
  • Maximum one granny flat per dwelling, must be on same lot
  • Maximum one bedroom per granny flat, no more than five total in granny flat and main house
  • Must be licensed
  • Site plan approval not required for granny flat in main house"