Let's get it on-Mayor's state of the city address 2014


"Let's get it on"- The words that capped of the Mayors address this morning at the London Convention Centre. With hundreds in attendance London's Mayor Joe Fontana took the pulpit and covered a broad range of topics from the upcoming development of 401 land to the heritage districts ever-changing face in London. But there's more........

The event began with the trailer to  London born producer Cody Hackman's(check out his Venture cover here) movie "Tapped". Kudos to Cody for holding true to his roots and shooting his project in London and for supporting the local community. Even more exciting for this young professional is he has signed a two deal contract with Paramount to shoot two more project in London in the coming years.

Some Other Highlights:

  • If re-elected taxes will not go up more than 6%

  • By 2017 the 50 year old Centennial hall will be no more, rather a new modern concert hall shall stand in it's place. 

  • Joe Fontana Pledges to bring 10,000 more jobs to London

  • Talks of developing  a "Ring Road" Surrounding London to facilitate travel

  • Soho district development along the Thames will require mandatory Boardwalk construction

  • Lambeth to be considered the new gateway of London

  • Aiming to spur population growth in London through lower taxes(competitively), international student courting and support programs

  • Hyde Park from Oxford to Fanshawe to be widened

  • Large scaled development (industrial/commercial) plans for 401 access throughway to bring even more commercial (large-scale) business through out highways.

  • The heritage designation of 5 hamlets of London have created a more community focused London

  • Less licensed younger generation means more comprehensive development of bike and walking trails. 


All in all nothing earth shattering but those are the facts people. Take it for what it's worth and formulate your own opinion but as far as the Mayor is concerned that's what on the docket for 2014 and beyondI(depending on election outcomes of course.)