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Super excited to get another flagship #Ldnont building under contract. Our downtown is by far one of the most vibrant and the community of #makers and #entrepreneurs we have here is second to none. Proud and honored to have repped both of these amazing firms involved in this transaction and looking forward to a lifelong friendship and growth

Basement Flooding Grant Program

New Flooding Grant program available in London Ontario will give residents some reprieve. Take a look at the images below and check the links out to see if you qualify! 




December Sales Strong

The latest stats are in and we;ve cleared another month of record setting home sales. It seems as if the backed up demand from the bad weather we had in early spring has carried us right into the winter months. Out in the market place we are still seeing lots of demand from the buyers side, and properties priced correctly are going in multiple offer situations, which is a strong indication that buyers are on the move. Given low interest rates and a balanced market, we foresee this trend continuting on right into the new year.

Expect a hiatus over the next couple weeks, which is normal as most people are tying up holiday plans and prepping for time with their families. That said, the serious buyers and sellers will still be active right into the holiday season. Oddly enough we did two of our largest transactions in the last two years right around Christmas. One in a blinding snowstorm and the other on Christmas Eve.  Both of these showcase that when people are ready to pull the trigger it's best to be prepared. 

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Quick Tip: Be Aware you might be on Candid Camera!

This day and age there is a lot of seller leveraging information technology to protect themselves, and to get a leg up on the competition. Be aware that when viewing homes, with your Realtor or at open houses, there is a good chance you're being recorded.


In keeping with record setting numbers all summer, August capped off another great month for real estate in the LSTAR jurisdiction.  With all the excitement over the newly approved Kingsmills deal  , people getting wet doing the #ALS challenge and the heatwave we experienced it's no wonder the community is as active as ever. Inventory was down but that only means we need more houses to sell! Continuing the trend of being in a balanced market we see sales going well into the fall and are excited to use this momentum to carry us straight through the seasons!

Market Update: April 1st 2014 (London & St.Thomas)

After one of the coldest winter's anyone can remember, the Thames River isn't the only thing overflowing. Ton's of new inventory is hitting the system on a daily basis and we're happy to report the stats from last month. Despite everyone's concern over the weather March was indeed a busy month for home buyers and sellers. 

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OMB Rules changes on Rental (income) properties


The Ontario Municipal Board has made it decision when it comes to rental properties in London. Despite appeals from builders and investors it seems as if the local property owners have won out on this battle. 


Let us preface this by saying we are staying neutral on this topic as we see both sides of the argument. Being two locally focused Realtors, the growth of our community is extremely important to us and we understand why certain communities want to maintain some form of control. That's not to say we don't grasp the investment side of things. A large part of our business is indeed in multi-residential investment properties, and we've seen and experienced that there are some great property owners out there who's goals are in line with the communities. That said here is a rundown of the recent changes to regulation when it comes to investment properties. 

  1. A new bylaw will limit the number of bedrooms in multi-unit dwellings around Western and Fanshawe Campus
  2. The Maximum number of rooms will be 3 in both duplex's and multi-use properties and 5 in other projects
  3. The concept is to reduce the density of student population around Fanshawe and Western.

Regulations also redefine parking rules and landscaping requirements, what those are  is yet to be known(we've spoken with the zoning office and checked the by-law site- we'll keep you updated on the changes.). 



Using Representation affords you the best protection possible

We understand. We get both sides of the coin. Everyone wants to save some money. When you're looking to list your property signing off on a commission is something that we have been taught is simply signing away a percentage of your investment. The truth of the matter is that it is much more than that. It is a part of your investment. Just like you would go to a dentist to get your dental work done, or using a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter, using a Realtor more than anything PROTECTS your investment. 

  • The Real Estate Assurance Fund is available to you in the rare event of fraud, or breach of trust by a REALTOR®. It is your protection against financial loss. This fund is financially supported by our members

  • All REALTORS® carry errors and omissions insurance: What does this mean? Essentially it boils down to the fact that in the event something is not dealt with correctly the Realtor AND YOU are covered.

  • We have the facts on comparable pricing, area trends and commercial market conditions, data you can use to set your best course of action and maximize your listings  value when advertising .

  • We can negotiate the best deal. There are myriad negotiating factors, including price, financing, terms, date of possession and often the inclusion or exclusion of repairs, furnishings or equipment. By negotiation alone,  we often saves you more than the cost of the service.

ng someone on your side gives you the ability to focus on the real things that matter to you. 

A competent Realtor will be:


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