Grant Cardone



Competition in our industry


When people think of the world of Real Estate, they is a common perception of it being a dog eat dog world. Given the nature of an industry comprised of independent contractors and self run businesses competition is bound to happen. However, the upper echelon's of Real Estate are a very different beast. The 80/20 Rule (20% of the agents do 80% of the business) is one that rings very true in Real Estate. 

From what we've seen there are lots of different types of business operators out there. There are ones who live their lives by a rule of scarcity, where by they view another persons success as someone eating the sandwich off their plate. Constantly living in fear that the success of other is a direct cause of their own failures.  

The flip side of that is there are those out there who will lift others up to new heights, and when they do succeed they feel a certain pride in being able to help someone attain a goal. Over our time in the business, we have developed and maintained relationships with agents who range from local superstars to global entities who do upwards of 78 Million dollars a year in transactions. One this we notice is without fail every one of them lives by this credo:

Success for anyone or any group is ultimately a positive contribution to all people and all groups as it provides validation of the possibilities to all-Grant Cardone

They love watching others succeed. It drives them. It makes them want to be better. For a team like us there is no better motto to follow. We welcome competition, and share openly with others our knowledge, resources and passion. We lift up those who are reaching for new heights and who's goal it is to raise the professional standard in our industry. The more they succeed the higher we will reach and the better the outcome for our clients and those who do business with the 20%.