Understanding Environmental


People are scared of things they don't understand. Snakes, Sharks, Real Estate Agents, and Environmental audits all fall into this category.  Environmental audits can happen when a Commercial or Residential property has a history or cause for concern. Typically a buyer considering the purchase of a property with such concerns will require the following:

Phase I : This is a historical and visual review of the property in question. The phase I is the stage at which the consultant reviews the property and informs the buyer or the seller if the property is safe to purchase or if further discoveries are necessary.  If there are items of concern (proximity to a gas station, history of spillage on site etc.) the consultant will most likely issue a recommendation for a Phase II Analysis


Phase II Analysis: Sampling and analysis. The Phase II analysis happens when there is cause for concern or discovery during the Phase I process.  It can involve drilling and sampling the soil and  the price can vary depending on the size and scope of the project. The samples are then taken to a lab where they are analyzed and a conclusion is derived. A remediation report may be provided which in turn can lead to a Phase III


Phase III: Remediate. This is where all of the information from Phase I and Phase II is compiled and a plan of attack is put into play to remediate the property or problems that may occur.

The description above is incredibly simple and does not cover many of the technical aspects of Environmental audit. However it's designed to give our clients an understanding of the process without bogging them down with technicalities. As with all other aspects of our business, we assist our clients with every step of the process and work with partners in the industry to ensure they obtain the very best service professionals. 


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us any time. Advice is always free and we are always accessible to you.