Contract law

Protect yourself from unsolicited calls

Most people trust their Realtor¨® to guide them through the listings process and as such sometimes do not understand the implications of the clause 11 Use and Distribution of Information of the Listing Agreement.

 Simply put this clause states that once the listing has expired the seller either allows or does not allow Realtors® to contact them to pitch their services.  We recently received and email from our board LSTAR indicating that some registrants are not complying with the clause and sellers have been issuing a number of complaints.

For those not in the business let us put it this way- DO NOT CONSENT to allow people to call you upon expiry of your contract. It put's you in a position where hundreds if not more Realtors® have the ability to contact you and pitch their services. The reason we feel so strongly about this is from our perspective business is earned. Simply hitting the numbers and  calling expired listings that have opted to NOT consent hoping to land a listing is a sign of desperation. The best Realtors® out there earn their business day in and day our through hard work and a strong business model. Having a code of ethics and standing by it is imperative in todays fast changing market and a direct reflection of your Realtors® discipline.  Find someone or a team that espouses the right virtues and you'll find long lasting partners in Real Estate rather than just the flavour of the week.