Meet Jamie Dodds.



💡HBA from the Richard Ivey School of business.

📞Absolutely relentless when it comes to representing his clients to the fullest

💰And on of the most creative people we’ve ever seen at saving his clients money.


We couldn’t be more honored and proud to have him as head of our Commercial division.We truly believe success begins and ends with the team. Nobody succeed in this business alone, at least not in the long term. We received a number of calls lately on how many commercial buildings we are selling, and leasing, and a lot of it has to do with the infrastructure that we built as a team. Jamie is absolutely crucial to what we do. We get fired up every time we work on a project or creative solution for our clients with Jamie. As with everything else we do, we aim to provide next level service, and cutting edge systems for our clientele and Jamie fits that role and then some.


If you’re looking to buy or sell commercial properties, or need a new location for your business, hit us up and will connect you.


Go follow him @jamiethecloser on Instagram and watch his adventures there!








Super excited to get another flagship #Ldnont building under contract. Our downtown is by far one of the most vibrant and the community of #makers and #entrepreneurs we have here is second to none. Proud and honored to have repped both of these amazing firms involved in this transaction and looking forward to a lifelong friendship and growth



Something You Might Not Know About Realtors

When people hear the term Realtor a few images may come to mind. Fast talking, phone slinging, bus sign posing professional who can tell you everything and anything about the market in a flash. Something you might not realize is as a group, Realtors can be some of the most giving when it comes to their time, energy and resources. We've seen firsthand Realtors in our community who go above and beyond for their peers without every tooting their own horn, so we're gonna toot it for them! 

If you're looking the see where and how Realtors give back you can start at Realtors Care's website. From there you can mosey on over to places like; National Garage Sale;The Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation; The Realtors Community Foundation; CREB Charitable Foundation and the Real Estate Foundation. Among hundreds of others these are prime examples of how selfless the professionals in our industry can be. 

We truly feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people and want to give our deepest thanks and admiration to those who manage to handle such a busy lifestyle and schedule yet are able to give so much to build up the communities around them. We're inspired by what you do and will strive to do the same.