So, the market's getting crazy again. We covered that in yesterday's episode. The multiple offers are back, limited inventory is driving buyers to be a little bit emotional. We we're gonna give you guys a tip on how to navigate a seller's market. And the first tip we're gonna give you guys this week is gonna be, don't get caught up on the list price. So list price is put there by the listing agent to generate interest. Sometimes they're listing at market value, sometimes above, sometimes under. A lot of times in the seller's market they are doing it under market on purpose to generate as much interest as possible. The more offers they get, the more likelihood that they're gonna get above-market value with no conditions. Which is a dream for any seller out there. So say a property is worth 300 and they price it at 280, some of the people going in and writing offers on that property are gonna get stuck mentally on the 280, when the smart agents that are out there are gonna look at the property value and see where it's actually gonna sell. So just be aware of what the property is worth and don't necessarily get caught up on the listing price.

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