So this episode is a warning message to you guys and also very simple. So stuff is being relisted and sold on a daily basis. Find out what the history of that property is. There was a multifamily property that we saw hit the system yesterday that we had under contract about five months ago. We had it under contract around 370, and then we found out the windows were improperly installed. You're likely looking at another $20,000 to re-add that property. Now, in the interim, the selling agent ending up finding their own buyer and selling it for 390 to their buyer. Hit the system again today after they did $50,000 of improvements, and it's listed for 420. Now, do that math, add in, say, a 5% real estate selling commission, and think about how much money that purchaser is losing. So don't rush into something just 'cause you're scared to lose it. Take your time, do your due diligence, do proper home inspections. Especially getting into the spring months, people can get excited about owning properties and stumble into problems.

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