Mistakes real estate agents make in this business is not following up with past clients and people they've actually done successful transactions with. Real estate agents are notorious for getting caught up with bright shiny object syndrome. Whether that be marketing, leads, somebody that just called them and getting caught up in the day to day. Make sure you're calling the people that you've worked with in the past. You know touching base with them, seeing where they're at in their lives. Not necessarily just for a sale. You know maybe they're doing a renovation and they need some advice. If you're a seller or a buyer and you've worked with somebody and you're looking at refinancing. You know maybe you're redoing the bathroom or the kitchen. Or maybe you're gonna put in an infinity edge pool in the backyard and over improve the property by $75,000 that's your decision but your real estate agent's there as a resource for you. You know we get paid on the transaction but it's a life long relationship and don't be shy. That's what they're there for. You know the real estate agents that watch this show, I hope this spurs you to pick up that phone and call the people you've done business with because you know it can get so far gone that you don't even realize that they may be looking to sell their house.

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