So here's a warning to all my real estate agent friends out there is don't become a commoditized asset. What do I mean by that? I mean if you look at different types of industries, when consumers approach something and they want information, if you can provide only the information that's the same information they can get anywhere else, then what value are you bringing? You really need to stay ahead of the curve. You look like companies like Zillow in the States, they become purveyors of information. And what did real estate agents used to hold as the biggest thing that they could provide? It was the MLS listings. It was the book. Well, access to information is rapidly changing. In my opinion, I think consumers are gonna have full access to sales data and everything else within the next five or 10 years. So get ready for that. What's your value proposition? What do you bring to the table? You gotta make sure that you do something that stands out from the crowd and earn your value. Long gone are the days from us just sitting here like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain with all this information that nobody else can have. You gotta make sure that you're bringing value in every single transaction and earning your keep.

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