All right, so the weather has been so beautiful, I am feeling extra generous. So I'm gonna give you guys a negotiation tip on how to keep your emotions in check when the transaction's getting hectic. So one strategy you can use is when you identify that perfect property, write down the big ticket items that matter to you. The price, the conditions, the chattels or the things that you want in that property. Put it in a note somewhere. Then establish your strategy. How are you gonna approach it? Are you gonna give them an offer they can accept the first time around? Or are you gonna try and negotiate? You know, do you expect it to go back and forth for two or three days. Well, if you're doing the latter of those and it's day two, and another buyer comes in, people can tend to get emotional. We're human beings, we want to win, and people can kind of get off base and off strategy when they feel they are competing with somebody else. Go back to your notes. Go back to your actual strategy and stick to it. I've seen people get caught up in the heat of a transaction, give up tens of thousands of dollars, because people are using the tactics against them. I've also seen people pass up on purchases because they get emotional about chattels or things the buyers are asking for. Stick to your plan. Make sure you get the best.

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