So the question on everybody's mind right now is how is the market? We got another viewer request, and this is something that's coming up in day to day conversations because people didn't know where the market was gonna head. Well, if you really wanna know, you're gonna wanna watch out full blown Market Update. They're typically anywhere from 20 minutes to 45. Guest questions and everything else this week, so make sure you jump over to our Facebook page. But short and sweet, it's getting crazy out there again. So last year, if you were paying attention January 'til about June-ish, the market went bananas in London and surrounding area. And whether you're in London specifically or you're within that range, you're gonna wanna pay attention to what's happening over the next two to three weeks. Now that the weather's cracked, we're starting to see everything going multiple offers, inventory shrinking, so pay attention 'cause I think things are about to get even crazier.

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