So what do you do if you have a house to sell but you found the perfect place that you wanna move to and you don't wanna risk not being able to sell your house? Well, what you do in real estate typically is include what's called a condition of home sale clause. This clause gives you the ability to firm up on a deal but still have an out where if your house doesn't sell, you can escape the contract and walk away from the deal. What the seller's likely gonna include is what's called a 48 hour waiver clause meaning that they can continue to market the property, and if they accept another offer, you have 24 or 48 hours, whatever you negotiate to firm up on your original deal. Now, we had a question from an audience member is if I locked up a property for let's say 400 and then somebody comes in and pays 500, doesn't that mean that I'll have to pay more? No, your escape clause is for you. So if you waive that clause, deal goes firm, you get it at 400, and you'll have a super upset seller knowing that they coulda got more money. Now, you have to determine is it worth risking waiving that clause, and is your property still gonna sell? Part two coming tomorrow.

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