So you may have noticed we didn't shoot The Closers Daily for three days. We actually got a DM from one of the audience members asking us if the show was over, and no, it's not. We actually wanna tie it into this episode, and what it has to do with is making sure you're taking time to take care of things in your life other than just the work side of things or things you are maybe super passionate about like we are with real estate. You know, we had the long weekend. We had Family Day on Monday, and we had Saturday and Sunday, and typically what we do is we'll post a Closers Daily Monday to Friday. We actually have a tweak in the programming coming up you guys'll be really excited to see in the next couple weeks. But in the interim, we actually take holidays and the weekends off for two reasons. One, we wanna make sure that we do have that focus time with our families. You know, the team is always working, always out there doing stuff, but you gotta take that downtime and make sure that you're recharging your batteries, and you know what? We end up getting more ideas in our downtime than we do even working in the field day to day. So hopefully that answers your questions. Stay tuned. We have some fun stuff coming for you guys.

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