Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit rather than humility. Value others above yourself. It's the founding biblical principle that we established our entire firm on and it's about approaching every situation and always make sure that you're doing what's right for the other person. Case in point we had a couple dudes who run a business down here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gave us an opportunity to come down and master mind about business, family, faith, life, and everything, and I had an amazing weekend. We actually approached it, you know wanting to know some things about how they run their business, but really when we got down here we wanted to make sure that we provided even more value than we were taking. And you know what ended up happening was we forged an amazing friendship with two great guys and I'm sure there's gonna be more to come. But every situation put the other person you're dealing with first. Always take care of them and put your interests aside, and you'll be shocked at what happens in your life.

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