So a real estate agent is getting sued. Do I have your attention? A riveting topic, and it does happen in real estate, and what happens when a real estate agent's gettin' sued, this one's really important for brokers and agent out there because you always wanna notify RECO of any claim made against you. There's a court case I read about where a lady was gettin' sued by her clients because there wasn't an adequate water supply when they closed on the house, and she was in the right. She actually had proof that they had documented, had the well inspected, and the buyers knew about it and said they were gonna drill their own well. And they made a false claim against her. She actually won the court case. But then when she went to recover her legal fees, she found out her broker of record hadn't actually reported it to RECO. So RECO wasn't gonna cover her legal fees. RECO said you're always supposed to report any claim against you, whether you're right, wrong or otherwise, and the broker misinformed his agent. So she actually ended up suing him. It got really hairy, really sticky. She got her money back, but the lesson is if there's any claim being made against any real estate agent, always report it, and that's it.

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