So after yesterday's episode, turns out low-ball offers are a pretty hot topic. We got some DMs asking us to continue that series and discuss presenting the actual offers. Yesterday we covered how different markets and different personality types make a difference when dealing with low-ball offers, but how do you actually present the offers so you don't get shut down right out of the gate? Well one of the tactics that you can use is actually prefacing the offer presentation with a phone call to the agent. Having a good relationship with the agent would be a great place to start, but knowing the back story of who the seller is, framing the offer in the correct light, could make all the difference in them dealing with your offer or you even getting a sign back. Second thing you can do is spend some time writing a really, really well put together e-mail dictating how you came to that value and why they shouldn't shut down the offer right off the hop. If you give them a little bit of ammunition, the listing agent might be in a better position to get you that counter, or even get the deal done for you.

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