So real estate conferences can feel like an absolute waste of time in our industry, but over the next couple episodes, we're gonna cover the Commercial Emerge Conference that was held to day at the London and St. Thomas Board of Realtors because there was a ton of value that I want to let you guys know kind of what was discussed and what the major takeaways were. So the conference itself actually had a panel of developers, local London developers. Tricar was represented. EllisDon was represented. Dancor was there, and then Shmuel Farhi was on the panel. They had an open, frank discussion about what they've seen happen in the past, what's going on today and where they see the future was going. They also had a panel of large commercial lenders. So a lot of these guys are coming out of Toronto and different areas with their opinions of whatever the marketplace is and where it's going. And then lastly, they had a panel of commercial real estate agents discussing their opinions on the marketplace. Quite a lot of interesting takeaways, and we're gonna be covering them in the next couple days' series, so stay tuned.

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