So how does a low ball offer sound to you? Most people don't like it, buyers tend to like it because they want to get a better price on a property and some sellers shot down. How do you handle low ball offers and writing them or dealing with them from the listing sides of things? Well, again, it's a case by case basis, right when people ask you an opened ended question like this a lot of it has to do with the minutia. What market are you dealing with? Are low balls a frequent thing their marketplace? We see marketplaces where 100,000 dollars under asking price isn't unexpected, and other marketplaces where five or ten under asking price will get you a hardy shot down or no response at all. You know, a lot of times when we're talking and we establish a price or a strategy with them, we're telling them expect two or three counters and any negotiation and base your first offer off that if you've got the ammunition to support it, so don't try and end the conversation before its even started but make sure you are dealing with somebody who understands the minutia and how to go about getting the best price for that property

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