So we got a question from one of our favorite audience members and the question was The L Star jurisdiction is switching MLS platforms. They're moving from DMS to Matrix. Is that going to affect the searches, 'cause there is a note that the searches are gonna be ending as of September 30th. And yes, it will affect the searches, actually, so if you're not migrating your searches on the back end as a real estate agent, then the searches are just going to be cut off. If you actively have a portal or a search set up through a real estate agent, and it disappears, contact them, have them reset it on the new system. Matrix seems like it is gonna have some new features, and mainly what I think is going to affect buyers is the sharing of information amongst boards. So typically when you list a property now, if I only list it on the L Starboard and say not on the Woodstock board or the Huron Board, sharing information across platforms is very difficult. I think the new system's gonna make it a little bit easier. Time will tell. I know, right now, we're migrating I think 800 searches over to the new system for our firm, so all the information is not out here yet, but we'll know as of October. So if you have any

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