Keeping up with the Joneses is something that happens a lot in Real Estate. You set your goals for the year: let's say 50 transactions, and all of a sudden, you hear about somebody that did 100 or 150, 200, and you think "I'm not good enough". Happens in social media too. You have 100 followers, or you're getting 10 likes a photo, and then somebody's getting a thousand. Then you get a thousand, then you want five, then you want 10. To be honest with you, I think you shouldn't pay attention to these things. Turn off your notifications, just focus on putting out good content, make sure you're building your business the right way, for the long term. Make sure you're giving valuable service to your clients, and in the long run, you'll win. It's good to be aware of the competition and everything else that's out there, but focus on yourself because every minute you spend focusing on your competition is time you could've spent on your own business. Same goes for social media. If you're looking to growth hack and build inorganic followers, its gonna hurt you in the long run. And your posts are gonna get exposed due to audience that could care less about you. If you build an organic audience, you're better to have 150 people than a thousand who actually care about what you

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