So we got a super exciting announcement for you guys. This is the last Saturday that you're gonna see The Closers Daily. So we're gonna be switching up the programming because we're gonna be taking this game to the next level in terms of giving you guys value and content. So we've invested in some stuff on the back end that we're really excited about. It's going to be starting next Saturday so keep your eyes tuned to the channel for that. We'll make an announcement, let you know where the long form content is gonna be. But The Closers Daily is gonna be Monday to Fridays. So keep the questions coming in. We're gonna keep pumping up the content daily. We promise we'll do our best to answer all your questions in due time. We do keep a running list. So if we don't get to you right away, it is coming. We appreciate all of the good feedback we've gotten on it. We appreciate your attention. We really really really want to expose as much as we can about our industry. Try to get some transparency where people think that there might not be some. And always look to provide value. So if you have questions email us info@theclosers.ca. Hit us up in the DMS. Like, follow, share. We just appreciate all of you guys and thank you so much.

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