Okay, so, full disclosure, we feel so blessed that we work with some of the most amazing people, a large part of our business has come to us by way of referral, friends, family. The long-term relationships that we've held over the years we never really pushed them, but we happen to get a lot of calls from that sphere, and because we're so close with these people, a lot of times they feel bad asking us a thousand questions per transaction. It's a pretty frequent conversation, we tell them don't worry about it, it's our job we love doing it. If we didn't, we would just do something else. And to be honest with you, when you're doing a real estate transaction, a lot of times you're only doing two or three, maybe four, in your lifetime. If you're in investments it might be a little bit different, but there's no stupid questions. It's a huge transaction, you should be able to ask as many questions as you possibly can. If your real estate agent doesn't know the answer, they should be honest with you and they should go and find the answer. Should always have that open door policy with them, there will be boundaries of time and everything else, but transparency and having a strong relationship will net you a better end result at the end of your

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