So let's talk about something that's counterintuitive while you enjoy the beautiful sunset behind me and that's how do market shifts and interest rate increases affect the investment market and is it good or is it bad for investors? Well, it depends on who you are say you take a large swap of investment properties let's talk like 250 to 400,000 dollar range you'll find it's very competitive in that marketplace for people that can afford that product. When interest rates go up a lot of those people get pushed out of the marketplace, so it's actually good for some investors. You'll find cap rate compressions or what stuff's selling for will be stifled down a little bit it's not as competitive so it's actually good a lot of people will wait for the market to dip to actually pull the trigger, so you'll find in really really bullish or strong markets people will sell their assets at top dollar, bank that money so when the markets dip and crash they pick up product at a lower price in a less competitive market, so the markets are always good depending on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. As we always say make sure you have a plan and don't react emotionally to the marketplace, be that other guy

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