So the third takeaway from the Commercial Emerge Conference last week on what we can do now that there's so much interest in London to kind of throw jet fuel on that fire and get even more businesses to relocate is make sure that the planning and the consultation process gives those people the impression that London is open for business. Now this was an outside person who said that the perception of London is when they come to the city and they're looking at sites and maybe going through their pre-consultation process that it seems like a very lengthy and cumbersome process. City Hall and the Planning Division are located in two separate buildings and they said this threw them off a little bit where otherwise when they went to different cities, they almost felt like the red carpet was getting rolled out and the city was really willing to work with them. Now we know from the planning and the consultation processes we've been a part of and the contacts we work with, London can actually be great to work with at times. I know I was talking to Adam Carapella as well at the conference and he said you know he didn't really think that that was true. I think because we know the inner workings of the system, might be a little bit easier for us locally but maybe we need to work on sending that message out to the public.

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