So the first major takeaway from the Commercially Merged Conference yesterday on how London can succeed provincially, nationally, and globally as a competitive marketplace would be that we need to band together. You know, in London, it seems from the outside, anyways, and definitely from the inside a little bit, that we operate as islands individually, right? Whether it be development, whether it be the real estate industry, the tech sector. You know, some outside people were pointing out yesterday that we can look at Kitchener or Waterloo, that have these massive incubators that are combined of companies that operate in the same industry and maybe compete with each other, but they have a good time helping other people succeed. If you have that abundance mindset, it can change your entire community. One of the positive things of the conference yesterday, and don't listen to the London Free Press, listen to this, was those people that were competitive against each other, were bantering back and forth like and having and honest, open, frank discussion about what needs to be done to clear the Laneway in London. I think there is hope, not like the negative news sometimes makes you perceive.

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