Its members, and it was you know if you're unhappy with the sales process with your agent is it a good idea to switch agents throughout the sales process and is that going to hurt your sale? Well, that's a pretty loaded question. I mean, if you break down different price points of properties there is a different expectation in terms of average days on market so you need to know are you priced properly, is the condition of your property good, and how's it being marketed? If you answer all three of these questions and they are not being satisfied, you need to do what's best for you, but I will through a caveat in there. Say you're dealing with a two million or three million dollar property that the average days on market is a year or longer sometimes it just takes a lot longer to find that right buyer and you can actually really hurt yourself by switching agents through the process. It shows a lack of confidence in either the agent or the pricing of the property and can create more problems than it can solve. So pretty loaded question. If you have any specific questions, email us info@theclosers.ca. Have a great weekend. We love you guys. Take care.

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