So it's late at night, you're sitting in bed, you just sold your house and you start thinking, did I sell my property for enough money? Could I have gotten more? Or you're a buyer, and you're thinking I just firmed up on that deal, could I have gotten it for a better price? Or did I buy something that nobody else wanted? What you're experiencing is called buyers or sellers remorse. Totally normal emotions to have. Comes up in almost any real estate transaction in our industry. What I can say about it is, you gotta gotta go back to the advice, we always talk about and that's not getting emotional about the transaction. Make a plan from the outside. If you're selling, make sure you have an understanding of what your net proceeds are gonna be of that sale. Kinda what the low medium and high confidence limit is in your market, and anything above that high point is gonna be gravy on top, but at least you understand your product and you're not second guessing yourself. And if you're a buyer, same thing. Build your portfolio or what you're looking to require from the outset, stick to that plan. And don't get caught chasing deals. I've seen people lose deals, 'cause they're trying to chase an off market squeeze an extra couple grand out of it.

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