So the next time you need to go and buy something why don't you pause for a second, and decide to shop local instead of just going to a big box store. Was actually reading an article in London inc magazine about a new Instagram account that was started in London called shopldnont. And you know it was really interesting to see how that they queued up the account to be the radio dj of local businesses. What do I mean by that? I mean the quote from it was Rodney Lever said, "What they wanna do is they wanna curate the best music or businesses out there, and repost or support them and fan the flames of their success by being that voice for them." It's interesting to see a local business owner jumping into a community, but it actually builds the communities when you have people involved that are supporting those businesses rather than running to the big box stores. You look at places like OEV, you go to cities like Bayfield, I mean we cover Lake Erie to Lake Huron. And I've seen communities in Saint Thomas, London, and those areas that have all seen massive growth because of the local community. So shop local and support the people that are doing good in your community and creating.

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