So, we got a question from one of our audience members and it was, "How long does it take to build a business in real estate?" Pretty loaded question, I could probably talk about it for an hour or so but I'll give you the short answer. When we got into the business, we were told five years, that's your typical cycle of when you're gonna be closing your initial properties, to having those people sell and resell, typically a three to five year cycle, over and over to build a self-sustaining business. Now, you gotta keep in mind that market fluctuations have a big impact on this. If I come in hot out of the gates, do 50 deals my first year and I'm just closing everything left, right, and center, irregardless of my experience, maybe some of those deals are going to come around to bite me in the butt within the first couple years and I might crash and burn out of the business. Vice versa is true, if I enter during a tougher time in the marketplace, but I really take my time, I do what's right for the client every time, even if it takes me longer to build that foundation, a lot of times you'll end up with a stronger business. So, there's a lot of things that go into that question, maybe we'll cover it in some future episodes. Hope you guys are enjoying the series, we appreciate your attention.

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