So we've got something completely out of the box for you today. It's property that you'll probably recognize when you see it, and it's for sale. So it's my main man, Peter Mullins, and he actually has the Colonial Hotel, restaurant, and taverns for sale in Grand Bend. I though this was a fun one for you guys because lots of people have been to Gables or recognize this building when they get to Grand Bend. So for only $2.85 million, this could be yours. And the main point of why we're bringing up another agent's listing in the Closers Daily is because as we've said many, many times in the past, the way you treat people and your reputation really makes a difference. We've had nothing but good interactions with Peter. He's a good broker. I know he's honest and forthright in the way he does business. Plus, I can represent you on the purchase of that property. So it's a win-win for everybody. So you wanna buy the Colonial and Gables, gimme a call.

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