One of the most common questions we get, is how you actually translate social media and digital marketing into sales or getting new business. And one of the reasons we get this question is because a lot of social media these days, is super spammy, it's growth hacking, which is trying to build up a really big follower account really really quickly through buying followers, using hashtags and stuff like that. To be honest with you, we tell people there is no short cut, you gotta work really really hard, you gotta prove yourself. People's BS detector is better now than it ever was before. So what you have to do is really really just not even look at your follower count, turn off your notifications, put out good content on a regular basis. Be there and answer questions when people have them and help other people build their businesses and be genuine about it. You'll notice if you run through our feed a lot of the times we're giving other people shout outs. We actually use their products. So, be genuine, don't care about what people think about you and be there, provide good value and that's gonna win.

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