So I got a fun one for you guys today. Whether you're a new agent in the business or you're just in the general public and you wanna know how the MLS works, there's actually a tool on the backend that you can use if one of your listings seems a little bit stale, you're wondering what's going on and that's called the logs. The log actually tracks everything that has to do with an MLS listing, price changes, conditional sales, and even the agents that are looking at that listing. So sometimes what you can do is you can go into the listing and see which agents have been looking at it and if you pick maybe three of four agents that have been looking at it multiple times, sometimes you'll see agents that have looked at it 10 to 30 times, pick up your phone and give them a call. Get some feedback on the listing, maybe they have a buyer for it, maybe they just forgot about it. Talking to people in this business actually gets deals down and brings things up and if they don't have a buyer for it, maybe somebody in their office does and by having that conversation, it puts your listing first in queue if that does happen to come up in conversation. Hope you guys have a great weekend, take care.

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