This is a tip for new agents getting into the business, or anybody getting into any new business for that matter, and that's being conscious of the relationships you foster when you're entering a new industry or developing a new business or business plan. You got to realize you're entering a competitive landscape, but a lot of the people that are at the top of their field might have some amazing opportunities for you down the road. So make sure you're not burning any bridges early on and you're keeping those doors wide open. The real estate industry is a very, very tricky one to navigate and it's easy to get kind of caught up in the weeds and competitiveness of it. But, keep in mind, that some people that have been in the business a lot longer than you might be able to feed you quite a bit more business than you're aware of, so you need to kill them with kindness and really humble yourself and look for help. You'd be surprised that a lot of times they'd be willing to give you a ton of information and save you from mistakes that they have maybe made in the past.

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