So off-market deals probably the most requested topic for Closers Daily so we're gonna cover two types of off-market buyers that you're gonna run into out there. First, shout out to Dad Club London. If you don't know about Dad Club, go on Facebook, check it out. Probably one of the best resources you don't even know about. If you're an old dad, a new dad or expecting dad, check it out again. So two types of off-market buyers you're gonna run into out there. One is gonna be the off-market buyer that's just looking for deals out there and going direct to sellers telling them "Let's leave real estate out of the transaction. Why would you wanna pay a commission. I'll do a deal with you direct". And a lot of time those buyers are looking to actually just steal the property. The other types of off-market buyers you run into are ones that are willing to pay market or slightly above market value. And the value of a real estate agent really comes down to who you're using. If you're using somebody who's just trying to slide into the transaction and make a quick commission on it, maybe there is no value there. If you're using somebody that's willing to walk the transaction from the beginning to the end and protect you and maximize your sales dollar while getting a deal for a buyer where he doesn't have to compete, there could be a ton of value in that. Just make sure you know who you're working with.

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