I'm Justin Konikow. Welcome to episode 137 of The Closers Daily. So, I got DM'ed by a friend of ours tonight, and he was asking us, when can we sit down and maybe look at my business, my current location, if I should renegotiate my current lease or see what else is out there option-wise? And we usually tell commercial tenants six months to 12 months is usually a good buffer. Whether you're going to stay in your current location or go to the new location, you've got to keep in mind that you have leverage with the landlord. With your lease coming up for renewal, you should really be hitting them hard for some new rates. Now, the one biggest thing people miss in commercial real estate is you're entitled to representation. Working direct with the landlord sometimes is the worst thing you can do. Just like you want to buy a house by representation is free, it's the same thing in commercial real estate. So make sure you have a rep that knows the market, knows the comps, knows the inducements that are out there, and more importantly, knows what deals have been done around your space recently that you can leverage to springboard your business to the next level. So, all things considered, 12 months is usually a really, really.

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