I'm Justin Konikow, welcome to episode 136 of The Closers Daily. So long weekend's ahead of us, as usual, and we're not going to be posting on Sunday. We're actually gonna take Monday off as well, so we'll resume the series on Tuesday. Just thought a little tidbit of information you guys might like to know is the All-Star Board got hacked today. So the Board is where real estate agents are typically members, when they're working a territory, so there's the Toronto Board, the Huron Board, the All-Star Board, which is our board, not quite sure what the hack means. If you follow our Instagram stories we'll update you as we get the emails from All-Star. I know we got some weird inquiries from All-Star and from realtor.ca, it seemed like they were 15 or 16 year old kids asking questions and texting us, maybe they got their information fromt the board, who knows? I just wanted to use this Closers Daily as a lesson to you guys to be careful about the information that you guys put out there and what you tell people when they're requesting things from you. Make sure you know who you're talking to, maybe grab a phone and just jump on a call. I know I've heard horror stories in the States and, I think, one in Toronto, where somebody had given a deposit to somebody through email thinking it was their agent and it wasn't, agent got sued, big deal. Just make sure you're--

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