So real estates' got a lot of gray areas as you've seen the past couple episodes. Sometimes there's no, "yes" or "no" answer to your questions. Sometimes it kinda lies in between. So we're gonna cover another topic when it comes to the gray area, and that's giving people that sense of urgency when they're showing your properties. You know and maybe implying that you have offers coming or being so firm with the fact that you have an offer in hand that they're gonna have to compete. It's gonna go way over asking, and turning off buyers before they've actually seen the property. We've seen situations where, buyers on a tour get notified right ahead of going to the property that there is an offer on the property, and they just shutdown. They don't even wanna see it. They don't wanna compete. And what ends up happening? The offer doesn't end up getting accepted and those buyers have bought something else. So you gotta be super-tactful about how you do it about the approach that you take with the other agents. That you don't turn people off at the property. You wanna keep as much interests as you possibly can to drive that price up. This property behind me is coming on market. Stay tuned.

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