So why's that seller selling his property, are they gonna be honest with you about the answer, does it make a difference when you're writing an offer on the property? Yes and no this is another one of those gray areas in real estate where the relationship that your agent has with the seller's agent, the seller directly, or reputation in the industry makes a huge difference because them knowing who they're dealing with, the representative on the other side, the different types of games and tricks that may be played in the industry is gonna be a huge feather in your cap when you're putting an offer on a property and finding out the true motivation of a seller, why they're selling their property, and if the excuse they're giving as to why they're selling their property is even accurate. At the end of the day you gotta play devil's advocate always look at it from the perspective of a business decision don't get emotional based on a story that somebody's telling you, try and pull all the facts and as we said in other videos, try and make sure that you have as much leverage going into the initial negotiation but don't get distracted from your strategy going in make sure you got a plan, make sure you stick to it try and get as much information, but make sure you're working with the right people.

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