So referral of inquiries, when you sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent, there's a clause in the standard agreement that indicates that you'll send over any inquiries to the real estate agent so anybody maybe that's walking down the street that asks you about the property, if somebody knocks on your door. And the reason that you're gonna want to send the inquiries over to your real estate agent that you've signed with is, if you start talking, what you might end up doing is giving away some leverage that you might need for negotiations. So a lot of people in the public, if they're in sales or they're trained in negotiations and tactics and what not. They're going to ask you a lot of leading and open-ended questions. And, you know, you might just be trying to friendly and maybe think you're selling the house. But it may be counter-intuitive. 'Cause you may give them something that, when it comes time to negotiate on the property, they know where you're moving, they know what your closing date is, or you've given away some point of leverage that could actually cost you money. So super important to keep in mind that your agent is trained in selling the property for the right reasons. Pass that inquiry over, don't miss the opportunity. But make sure you protect yourself.

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