Hey, do you want free money? Most people do, well fun fact in this episode of the Closers Daily is downtown London actually has a couple programs available to get free money if you own property downtown or if you're looking to invest in downtown properties. There's a couple different programs that are available to you, one of them being the Facade Grant. So they could give you up to, I believe it's $25,000 and I heard that number might be going up in the next little bit to replace windows and facade, what not. There is a process of going through the application and how to go about getting that money. That one would just be a grant, there's also a Tenent Improvement Loan, or Unit Improvement Loan available for business owners as well. It's a ten year interest free loan. We have details on all of those plans available to you. Actually, we have investors that have gone in purchased buildings on and have increased the values of those buildings using these programs. Lot of people don't even know this money exists, but if you do your due diligence, you'll know it's out there and you won't miss the opportunity.

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