So you're a buyer, and in the last episode, you found out that the seller didn't sign Form 244, if you don't know what that is, go back one episode and listen to that before we continue. And you want to put a Bully Offer on the property. Now you gotta keep in mind that you don't know what's happening on the seller's end. What do I mean by that? I mean you don't know if they've had a ton of activity, if there's people that are expressing interest in submitting an offer, if they have any Form 801s, which we'll cover in the next episode. So you gotta put in your best offer, expecting the seller to wanna take it and not look at anything else. If you're a seller, you gotta be very, very wary of what's going on, 'cause that buyer that's coming in with a Bully Offer may be paying way more than they normally would have, and if you don't have any other interests on the property, you may be in the very best situation you could possibly be to capitalize on that. The tricky part is, you don't know as a buyer, what's going on on the back end with the seller. And the tricky part as the seller is, you don't know what's gonna happen on offer date, until you wait 'til offer date. How do we solve that problem? Wait 'til tomorrow's episode.

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