Closers daily episode number 143 I think, might be 144, but we're getting pretty far along either way. Bully Offers, so what's a bully offer? Bully offer is when an agent sets and offer date let's say Thursday at seven pm on a property and a buyer decides that they're going to make their agent submit an offer prior to the bully date. There's two ways of that playing out One, if the listing agent did his job he would have explained that there's something called a form 244 that the seller has the option of signing. If they sign the 244 then the buyer's agents can't be submitting offers prior to the actual offer date in time or the sellers have indicated that they will not look at them before that date if they haven't signed 244 form because maybe they're expecting somebody to throw an offer of a million bucks on their property or just pay a crazy price, then the seller agent legally has an obligation to present any offers that they received to those sellers. That preliminary conversation is very, very important whether or not the listing agent has that form 244 signed. More on bully offers in the next couple days but that's one thing that you definitely need to know

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