What's up everybody? Episode 141 of The Closers Daily. So got a real life true story for you that we're gonna be monitoring over the next little bit. So we'll talk about it again in a future episode. Here's the scoop. Vacant piece of land listed for sale. Was on the market for a long time. Buyer low balls them about a year ago. Seller dies in the meantime and I guess what they ended up doing was saying "Hey listen we can't take any offers on the property. It's going to probate". I know they got called by about four different people. They were all excited about the lot. They didn't take any offers, any type of conditional offers coz obviously they couldn't deal with them and they just relisted the property now. The tricky thing is they upped the price thinking all these people are still around. I know for a fact that at least three of them are gone. So they'll be lucky if even the first person is still sticking around and the fact that they jumped the price, they maybe singing crickets. So you know I would always advise, work with your real estate agent, work with your lawyer. If you have interested parties, find a way to except an offer even if it's conditional on ending the probate so then that way when it comes time to close on the transaction and we have the conditions, you still have that high high price that you got from that sense of urgency and --

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