I'm Justin Konikow and welcome to episode 140 of The Closers Daily. So this is episode is two podcast recommendations. So what's a podcast? It's a long form audio program you can download on your iPhone or even if you have any other device. You can download them off Stitcher. Or you can usually go to the website and get the programs there too. They're long form audio. Usually interviews or covering topics. And the two recommendations we're gonna have are gonna be for agents specifically. It's Super Agents Live. Toby Salgado is a bit of a character but he interviews top performing agents across the country. You could learn some phenomenal tactics and strategies. And hear the stories about where people came from and the businesses they created. The second one is for investors. It's Bigger Pockets and it actually has some great insights for people that have done it. Mistakes they've made, ways to find money. All kind of different stuff. You know I really believe in having an abundance mindset, sharing everything with the people around you. Which is why I'm not scared to share these amazing resources. I think it'll better our community of real estate agents out there and investors. And I think if everybody does better, the whole economy and everybody in general does better.

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