Episode 134 of Closers Daily. It's super late at night, but I made a commitment to you guys, so here I am. This was not real estate related at all, maybe kind of in a way, has to do with my passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So I found it years ago at Adrenaline MMA, probably one of the best facilities in North America, located in London, go check it out if you're looking, under tutelage of Rowan Cunningham, and more recently Jesse Gough, amazing brown belt who just won a tournament. Congrats, Jesse, you're killer. You know, watned to give some people some insight into what it is versus what they may think it is. Lot of people hear jiu-jitsu, they hear MMA, they think it's just going in and fighting in a bunch of meatheads. It is probably the absolute furthest from that. You'll find some of the most intelligent, insightful people, that when they train, really, really take care of each other more than anything else. You know, if you have any questions about it, or you're interested in it, feel free to reach out to me or go check out the gym. Go check out Choke. It's a documentary by Rickson Gracie on YouTube. It'll give you a lot more insight than I could possible give you in one min--

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