Closers Daily Episode Number 72. So when you're looking at a property for the first time, you can get overwhelmed with the overall look of the house. And the big ticket items that you don't really notice some of the little things, and one thing that we've notice a couple times doing multiple inspections is when you're inspecting your property, sometimes when you're going through the basement you'll find these sellers who are out there we like to call them "Sneaky Petes" and they stack things up in front of issues that they want to cover up in the basement. Now, we tell our clients even when we list a property, when we're asking them for disclosures, it's not a big deal if there was something that happened, whether a roof leak or a foundation leak, or anything like that. We wanna be as transparent as possible to avoid problems down the road. We actually want to disclose them and what was done to fix them, so everybody is on the same page, and you don't run into problems. "Sneaky Petes" are the ones who will stack boxes up in front of say, a crack in the foundation that they don't want to disclose, and wanna hide it prior to closing. Those are the ones that end up becoming big problems, and you wanna watch out for. Always look at the little things. Don't get drawn in by the big

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