The Closers Daily Episode 69

First up, big thanks to everyone who's been following the series. You're fueling our fire with all your feedback and comments so keep them coming. And we're gonna cover the sold signs on a property. So, typically when I list a property, the way it works in our market is, I put my sign up, if I sell the property then I put a sold sticker on it. If you see a sold sticker on it, does it mean that I brought the buyer? Not necessarily. In this case, yes, but in a lot of cases when another agent brings their own buyer, the listing agent is still the one who gets credit for the sale. Back in the day in places like New York, agents would list properties and they actually wouldn't cooperate with a lot of other agents. They would try and double in the property every single time, find the buyer and get the whole commission. Real estate market's changed quite a bit, we now offer what's called a cooperating fee. So, if I list a property and I agree to a commission with my seller, I'll give away a portion of my commission to another agent who can bring a buyer. Incentivizes everybody to try and sell the property and it opens up the market to quite a few more buyers but the agent that listed the property initially does tend to get credit for the sale. I only saw one instance where the buying agent asked to put a sign up, but...

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